A little bit about the retreat spiritual sessions.

spirit will of course guide and as usual each session will unfold as required by divine inspiritation, but I have been working on the basic outline, which 'they' tell me will be filled with chant prayer and affirmation, realisation of our personal selves and understanding simply of our personal vibration and divine design, enabling each individual to align with and resonant with personal empowerment and healing.

the loss of loved ones and relationship shocks requires recovery, and im sure plenty of spirit will join us in order to assit out healing and and manifestation of personal joy and relief.   

to heal we must feel, and understand what we are feelign and what we are being shown and what we have truly experienced, the keys to much understanding and depth of discussion and lessons will be given.  

the sessions, will align with the marvelous and beautiful outings that have been organised and food for the soul, will nourish and nurture.

find the divine inside , and connect with it, .. and be it, it will never leave you once you understand and practise.

this is easy, simple and you will find what is right for you, you will simply feel good, enjoy and understand maybe a little more than you do now, and what has been going on around you.


i do require your birthdate, place and time if possible alo of birth before we leave.

thankyou and blessings 


Retreat Details




Spiritual connection and growth - Joyful immersion in the Balinese culture


Twin share: $2,015 AUD

Single room occupancy: $2,255 AUD

(for itinerary please see next page www.shirleysienna.com/158902903


Spiritual Development Sessions

The ‘Divine Design’ within each person is held by the soul for safe keeping, until the mind and body and emotional self are at a level ready to understand. The teachings in this retreat will reveal the inner wisdom of your Divine Design, using:

¯  Daily intensive learning, practice and readings will focus on discovering and unveiling who        you really are – your true inner power

¯  Daily meditation, reflection and guidance sessions

¯  Silent reflection walk across the mountain ridge

¯  Spiritual visits to holy sites, including: Tirta Empul Holy Spring waters,
    Tanah Lot temple by the sea


About ShirleySienna

  • ShirleySienna is professional and well respected Psychic Medium, Spiritual Presenter and Teacher.  
  • Shirleysienna has spoken at international conferences, and is admired in the field of psychic awareness, and spiritual teachings
  • She uses a range of modalities, including:

             * Individual Divine Numerology

             * Soul Codes, Symmetry and Design

             * Psychic, intuitive and soul readings

             * Oracle and Influence from Galactic and Heavenly Sources

For more information about ShirleySienna and Divining Me click on the following link:  http://www.shirleysienna.com


Cultural Immersion Experiences – for balance and pleasure

¯  Local cultural dancing performance

¯  Balinese cooking class

¯  Make your own batik artwork

¯  Experience Balinese food at high quality Balinese restaurants

¯  Lunch on the rim of Kintamani volcano

¯  Neka Art Museum

¯  And free time to do your own thing!


Luxury Villa Accommodation

The accommodation is in private 2 bedroom villas with:

¯  Large bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom

¯  Private pool and garden

¯  Spacious kitchen, dining and lounge areas beside the pool

¯  Delightful house boy visits daily to cook breakfast, clean the villa and attend to the pool and      garden

¯  Small artist village setting Penestanan

Airport pick up, and check in to your villa (Also airport drop off at the end of your stay.)



¯  Airport pick ups and drop offs

¯  All breakfasts, 5 dinners, 6 lunches

¯  All planned whole group outings and activities, including:

   * Cultural dancing performance, batik making activity, Neka Art Museum visit, Balinese                 cooking class

    * Tanah Lot temple, Tirta Empul Holy Spring waters, Mountain Ridge Walk and Kintamani trips


Not Included

¯  Flights to Bali from your home country

¯  Any activities undertaken during the short allocated free times



Special discounted cost for Divining Me’s first Bali Retreat!

¯  Twin Share:  $2,015 AUD

¯  Single room occupancy:  $2,255 AUD

– Deposit required with booking: $1,000 AUD


More Information and Bookings

For bookings and more information email - diviningmeretreats@gmail.com

One of the Villas in our retreat

Tanah Lot Market, we will visit on the way to the Temple

Pilgrimage to Tanah Lot .. Honouring the Sea God Baruna