Comments from participants at our 2018 Bali Retreat

“The best spiritual experience of my life…..… learnt so much about myself”

“It was truly an experience of a lifetime……….an incredible journey”

“Every aspect of this retreat was guided and amazing………. professional and mastered with total care”

March Bali Retreat News


We have received some helpful feedback about our proposed March Bali retreat.  It seems that a 9 day retreat is too long for people to be away from their families. And the price (even though it represented very good value) was a little high for some.

We have taken this on board and rethought our plans.

* The retreat will now be 5 and a half very full days, starting on the evening of 23rd March, and finishing at lunchtime on 29th March.

* All meals are now included in the cost, along with a full calendar of spiritual activities and outings.

* The cost has been reduced to $2,450 per person (with your own bedroom and bathroom).

* Deposit $500, payable with your booking.

* Payment by direct deposit.

* CARD PAYMENT is also available. (Card payment fee will be payable.)

For the details of the new itinerary see //

 PLEASE NOTE: We need to finalise our accommodation bookings by the 2nd of February, so please make your booking ASAP.

There are still some good airfares available for those booking their flights now.  Our experience tells us that the cheap fares probably won't last very long.


Treat Yourself!

Enjoy the beauty and charm of Bali.

Step into a space of peace and inner fulfilment.




March Retreat

 Guided by the Goddesses: 

Parvati – Personal Empowerment,

Lakshmi – Wellbeing and Abundance,

Saraswati – Inner Wisdom 

*To view itinerary click on link  Itinerary March

*To view more retreat details click on link Retreat Details


September Retreat

Guided by the Gods:

Shiva – Dissolve and Deconstruct

Vishnu – Value and Preserve

Brahma – Source and Create 

Dates:  Sunday 1st September – Tuesday 10th September 2019

Cost: TBA

*Please book ASAP as the number of participants is strictly limited to 8 per retreat.

*To view itinerary click on link Itinerary September

*To view retreat details click on link Retreat Details