The Trimurti of Gods have guided us to understand that we shall journey with them through the 9 days of the retreat.
Shiva – Dissolve and Deconstruct
Vishnu – Value and Preserve
Brahma – Source and Create

Bali Spiritual Retreat Itinerary – September 2019

 Dates: Sunday 1st September to Tuesday 10th September 

The format of the September retreat will be similar to the March Retreat.  The content of the spiritual sessions will, of course, be different, and some new excursions and culinary delights will be offered according to the spiritual wisdom and inspiration of the dietys associated.

Specific details of the September retreat itinerary will be published in April, when we return from the March Retreat.  This will allow us the opportunity to add in any improvements/learnings from the March Retreat.

Meanwhile, please refer to the March Retreat itinerary for guidance on what to expect in September. 

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