Term 3 July till Sept

Thursday afternoons, from 1 - 3pm ShirleySienna will host a spiritual development class covering a range of spiritual, psychic and interdimensional and metaphysical topics and modalities.
Unique, hands on, experiential and theoretical.

Begins July 16th

Crib Point Community House. 

Cost is $25 per week.
Each participant will receive a deck of cards to work with over the term and printed material supplied as per.
At this stage we will run 6 weeks, with option to continue .
ph: 0403484892
email: diviningme@yahoo.com.au
cash or direct credit payment
weekly or full payment accepted.

Do It Yourself Workshops


ShirleySienna at Divining Me offers workshops in your home.

The host on these days is free/complimentary as long as the minium number of participants (plus host) is achieved.

This is great for people whom work or are unavailable for the times I usually run workshops and classes, and means you can gather your own gang together and a have the choice of a half day, full day or weekend workshop.

Subjects include: Mediumship and the connection to the Spirit World, Numerology, Psychic and Spiritual Connection and Spiritual Healing techniques, Channelling/light altered states which include meditation and inspirational writing, speaking and affirmations, playing with Oracle and Tarot cards, Angels, ET and Interdimensional Guides, Spirit Guides, Past Life meditation and Inspired Psychic/ Spiritual Art.

ShirleySienna is an experienced and respected facilitator, demonstrator and teacher of the Spiritual/Metaphysical Arts.

The Group must be a minimum of 6 people and no more than 10.

The host of the group (yourself) will provide and organise the refreshments and food requirements.

ShirleySienna will bring her unique style and expertise to the Workshop.


Cost is $100 each includes a set of cards for each participant and any printed information.



ShirleySienna at Divining Me






Soirees, Psychic Parties, Public and Private

FRIENDS AND SPIRITS AFTEROON..Gather a group in your home for a spiritually guided connective gathering.
Each person recieves a gift and connective messages from spirit and insight.
Host is complimentary.$65 each guest 4- 6 people.

As a treat for your staff, at the end of year breakup or achieving the quarterly bonus ,  why not offer them something different as a treat, a personal psychic/numerology reading, meditation/ group session or workshop.
To be in Synchronisation, a business must have all people within its core working at their personal best, to be functioning in a relaxed and efficient manner , and basically loving where they are at, and what they are doing within the structure of the company.
Your Divine Design is coded , ShirleySienna has unique tools to discover your purpose and potential.
It doesn't matter if you are cleaning the street, or a high flying executive, what matters is that you feel good in and about what you are doing, that it fits your personality, and that you are able to keep your energy level and focus in order , so that you are of the most benefit to the business, and to yourself as an individual person.
Tools to assist in keeping your energy level at its optimm and ways to focus to achieve results ( meditation and relaxation techniques)

*If you would like some insight into your personal numerical/dimensional blueprint this can assist you in seeing , where , why and how you perhaps can achieve a better outcome in the workplace, and in your personal life.

I believe the spiritual /psychic gifts we have , are not out of the range of what is considered 'normal', I believe they are an integral part of our personal power and insight that we should be using every day of our lives, and that once people realise how to use these gifts, or realise that they already are, and then doing so consciously that perhaps life in this 3d world of ours maybe will flow a little easier.

To give your staff a way to give themselves a personal refresher during their working day , we offer corporate meditation classes…designed for  “personal  recharge  moments”, and group meditation as part of the office program.

Quotes as advised regarding per and group sessions and requirements. ( inc gst)
Divining Me.

Disclaimer.. ShirleySienna, will introduce tools, energy and information that may assist you in your journey, but will not take responsibility for your decisions or outcome, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.
A reading is a guide to assist you on your way, neither spirit nor the reader should ever be seen as telling you what to do, its your life, and you may do as you choose.
We have many options and pathways, walk them with integrity and an open mind for wonderful journey of ILLUMINATION AND JOY.

Synchronology of the Soul

2020 Year Courses to be advised.

eg: Numerolog.SSynchronicity, Divine Design and more ... with ShirleySienna

4 Week Block Course's.

Cost $200 for the four-week block which will cover the class tuition, a special deck of numerology or aligned cards and printing as you will receive my personally constructed notes premade into a folder for this course and please bring your own notebook as well.

This is the symmetry of numerology on a level that you can utilise personally and understand.
It will also enhance and advance your psychic ability and intuitive levels.

 Contact and book with ShirleySienna at Divining Me




Public presentations

Public  talks , Presentations, and  demonstrations  are easily arranged , with ShirleySienna sharing her unique  information and gifts of spirit for interested  people.


Monday Meditation and Spiritual Development Group

Crib Point Community House , Westernport Peninsula Melbourne

7 Park Rd crib Point) 7pm each Monday evening during school term.


byo water yoga mat and blanket.

$20 per session

We meditate, discuss and practise psychic and spiritual development , positive affirmations and more.


diviningme@yahoo.com.au 0403484892 

This class covers everything you can possible think of as we go.

Weekly participation is preffered but casual is entirely acceptable.