2022.. Personal Insight and Outlook

For your insight and outlook into 2022, ( a polarity of you) feel free to contact me for a session that includes a preview of month by month sequences, and a mindfully inspired and guided state of suggestion and affirmation in order to set and instill intention allowing forward movement with ease, grace and understanding.
You can add whatever you like to this session, any of my specialist modalities. I am offering also the opportunity to come for several session and utilise the spiritual and intuitive guidance in order to make sure that you have support during your journey.
My basic cost which is $150 covers the initial session, and how you wish to go from there can be sorted easily.
Lets be flexible and see how it will unfold best for you.. Its important to take it in, not hurry..

ShirleySienna Intro

Welcome to the Divining Me Website of ShirleySienna.com

Watch out for upcoming events and workshops for 2021

Ive set up Galactic Headquarters in the beautiful and unique Westernport Bay area and now have my Home Shoppe with oracle cards, salt lamps, hand made local cards and crystal bracelets, and Crystal Skulls and aroma candles and aura spray ready for purchase.

Private reading consultations are by appointment, 

There is a blog, and different bits and pieces that may take your interest and inspire you, learn a little about crystal skulls, and please remember I gather and create.. public events, and presentations on many aspects of spirituality and personal unfoldment.

If you would like to book a reading or Divine Symmetry session,  just check out the costs and services page.

Interstate and overseas clients, please rememember live internet sessions are available.

Please email me at diviningme@yahoo.com.au if you wish to recieve my news and info letters by email. 


About ShirleySienna

Born into a family already conscious and understanding of the spiritual philosophy, opened the way to ShirleySienna discovering her own gifts of spirit early on in life.

As a primary school aged child she was already enraptured with her grandmothers books of physical mediumship ( where the configuration and materialisation of spirit is produced by the sitting ‘physical medium’) and the fact that the soul carried on life after death, was not a mystery but a knowing , and the vision and visitors from the spirit world ShirleySienna experienced, were a part of  the development of her intuitive and psychic abilities

This was all a part of the foundation for her eventual professional ability as a psychic medium.

Discovering the power of meditation and healing , crystals healing,  crystal skulls,and many other spiritual and shamanic wisdoms along the way, has led ShirleySienna, along a journey from early childhood, an assisted her in understanding and being closely aligned with the spirit world, dimensions and realities that exist beyond our usual human perception.

Described by a well known English medium as a ‘soul medium’, and encouraged by another well known figure, to follow the dream and stand for spirit have been confirmations of the passion and focus that has made spiritual unfoldment, and sharing , her life, not just her work.

ShirleySienna has, been invited to speak, present  and actively participate in in gatherings and events around the world, and has many clients, friends and soul family connections  from countries all over the planet.

ShirleySienna herself leads retreats and gatherings around Australia, and overseas  and is a well known and respected psychic medium,  and worker for spirit.

She enjoys travelling, and writing and her Divine Time column and other articles can be read each month in Supernal Australia Magazine. 

ShirleySiennas services come together under what spirit describes to her as DIVINE SYMMETRY.

Spirit Mediumship

Soul Inspired Readings

Divine Numerology

Oracle and Tarot Card readings.

Dreamspell ( sacred calender of the human and law of time)

Human Design and the sacred symmetry of the human being.

Crystal skull gatherings, and interaction

Private and Public  presentations of many ideas, philosophies and wisdom teachings,  and demonstrations of mediumship and all of the above.


Seeds of Perception - New Show

Enjoy the new show...




February 2021-Supernal Magazine Monthly Edition


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Keanu's Inspirations

Keanu has travelled to the Rainbow Bridge.. 2 March 2021.. farewell my boy, and faithful pal.. love you forever ..


Keanu is My Greyhound. My Guru and My Friend.

He is inspiring me, assisting me in changing my lifestyle and habits and bringing out some love that needed to be addressed and acknowledged, just as all animals on this earth are capable of doing. That is their gift to human kind. Being themselves, which is the reflection in which they were created.

Creatures and Creation, sort of goes together doesnt it ?   Keanu’s Inspiration is of love, which is the Dog way .

The card he communicated to me to draw was Heartland , ‘As I lose myself in your divine perfection I glimpse my eternal nature’.
After this morning s waking and walking, we found ourselves at the local beach inlet which is so beautiful as the birdlife of the Southern Mangroves of Australia live here, and Keanu loves to walk along nose to the ground and then to the air, taking it all in walking on the sand, pebbles and dried sea grass, he loves Westernport Bay as do I. It is a privilege to abide and enjoy its beauty.
The card, I know is correct for it says ‘Seeing beauty where there is seemingly none. Connection to ‘perfection’. Strength to no go ‘backwards’. Groundedness.

For Keanu's full inspiration please click on link http:http://www.shirleysienna.com/158902898


From the heart of all things, may blessings light the way

ShirleySienna, Keanu and Beni..