Divining Me Show Tuesdays Yarra Valley Fm 99.1 ( 9am -1pm

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Each Tuesday each Week since 2015 I have hosted/presented the 'Divining Me Hour, which transitioned into the Divining Me Show.

I am grateful to have had and continue to have some great interesting guests lined up, and Will keep the website updated, on the info and content as much as possible.

Stay tuned.. yarravalleyfm 99.1

Here are some more podcasts from the Divining Me section of Yarra Valley fm Radio. please click and enjoy and go to yarra valley fm, for a full ist of programs podcasts and more.

Hoping to get podcasts up and running again, but please listen to the show.

Each Tuesday between 9am till 1pm.. spirituality , consciousness and Special Guests.




March 15 2016

ShirleySienna brought along special guest Peter Maxwell Slattery.  Hear our talk about UFOs and other phenomena.



Feb 16 2016

ShirleySienna talked about the power of numbers, and gave some readings for listeners



Damon Gameau interview Jan 12 2016

Sept 15 2015 ShirleySienna talks about vibrations

August 18 2015 Shirley Sienna discusses Meditation

June 9 2015 Mayan Calender