June to August

So after 'patching' now constantly for over two months and experimenting with the different patches, I am most please to say I am understanding their power and energy. I am seeing the different effects on many people I have shared them with, and pleased to see those people joining the 'wave of life giving energy and recovery', that appears in so many different ways, aligned with the fact that we ourselves are all extrememly different.

As this is Heal Thy Self energy which means HEALTHYSELF, it can only work according to, with and for your bodies best interests.

What more can one ask, than that the bodie is jumpstarted into regenerating and rejuvinating. I have been usin the AEON patch this month on a regular basis .. and can actually feel the difference.

From near on no apparant ailmements to chronic pain, people are reporting a noted difference in  so many ways.

I am very postive, not just about the lifewave, but about the fact that so much focus in now on healing ourselves in so many ways, just to feel better, sleep better , or feel you have some energy being created within assiting you through out the day.. fantastic.

4th July .. Feeling Good

update .. So, Andrew (58 years old) has been wearing the X39 for about this last week,  old and chronic hip pain basically gone. He noticed as he forgot to patch last night ( he wears them at night) a mild twinge this morning, but not as bad as usual before the patching.   .. will patch it today and set timer for 12 hours to remove then get back into pattern of night wearing . 
We feel pain relief and regeneration must be happening.
Shirley, been patching 24 days, quality of sleep wearing the 'Silent Night' patch is so good, which solves half of life's problems in my opinion.
I have been experimenting and alternating with the X39 and the Icewave, X39 daily and Icewave as well alternately as intuitively guided.
Today , I have the X39 back on the normal position of C7 and another X39 on the underneath of the back of my left injured foot, where the fasciitis seems to be worst .. walked dog as per, today I notice another shift, .. the foot feels really pretty good as I noticed I wasn't hobbling and no feeling of painful inflammation in that area.
My skin, improving, and I think a shift in body fat, or weight and My energy, as anyone knows me is much better than my usual low level . I feel pretty good. ..
Stem Cells I presume must be accelerating within my body a recovery and movement toward healing of the self.


I began the lifewave journey to healing and recovery June 10 2020, I have shared this on my facebook wellness page EarthSpirit Aroma of Wellness

21 days of patches, My sleep is divine, no other words. I am awake, lucid and feel rested, this is the SILENT NIGHT PATCH and to anyone who has sleep deprivation in any way, give it a go, give me a call.

Anyone who has slept in my vicinity knows this has never been my norm, and if nothing else this is making such a difference to my energy level and day functioning.

Experimenting with the X39 and the ICEWAVE I feel i have stepped off a plateau and really moving forward. The foot pain and anxiety of it has decreased a lot in this past couple of days. I am getting around all day without afternoon misery, and out of bed and not hopping, barely hobbled, huge difference.
I took the dog on a long walk, and got through my whole day very well.
My energy level is not ravaged, I no longer am feeling shredded and exhausted which is how I feel a lot of the time due to a few different things, and I am having busy days so that is for me such a plus, getting through not dragging myself through.

simply working for me, and that is inexplicably joyful



My energy is perhaps something like a normal human may expect - I have no idea what that is like, I have always been lacking it and running on empty. .. no more, I feel sort of oxygenated and calm ( for me).

I have an x39 on my inside left heel usual pain area to encourage healing in the tissue there - stem cell activation and Icewave set on my back muscle at bottom rib which has been bad because of walking hobbledy wobbledy, and my x39 for wellbeing and flow which I have place on 'Dan Tien'.. energy centre below navel..

Continued skin improvement, and maybe shed some excess blah.

feel good, no pain in heel, no pain in muscle.

Andrew, still patching and sleeping with x39 on chronically long term damaged, and painful hip.. no pain .