Costs and Services


Consutlations One Hour $125 Extended to Hour and Half is $150

SoulSymmetry Package of 3 x One Hour Consultations to be taken within one year $300 ( any modality) 

*Psychic Oracle/Tarot Phone Readings $3 per minute. Minium time 15 mins, Maxium Time 30 minutes. Please book your appointment and ShirleySienna will take your phone number and call you at the allotted time. Payment by Credit Card, and details will be entered for the first 15 minutes at beginning of the reading, and agreement to continue and payment therafter if option is taken for further 15 minutes. (Maxium outlay $90) Please advise of direction/Intention of Reading, eg: personal, work, career, love and relationships etc.

Spirit Medium, Psychic/Intuitive, (also Teaching and Facilitating)

Numerology , Oracle and Tarot Cards, Divine Design -Numerics, Galactic and Human Design Codes and type) 

EarthSpirit Wisdom Keeper- Conscious Wisdom -Pysche of the Soul Sessions

Childrens Personal Design Readings

CONSULTATIONS …  Private, Public, Face to Face, One on One and Shared Email, Internet,Phone.


Email: (Email Readings $100)


Please advise ShirleySienna if you have a voucher for a consultation, if you are a return client, and if you have attended one of her paid presentations.




Psychic Medium Reading

A personal and accurate consultation communicating with friends, loved ones and people from your life who are now passed to the world of spirit, and Intuitive and Psychic insight and explanation regarding the situtations and messages forthcoming.

(This session may also includes if requested the spread and reading of Oracle and Tarot Cards, or your numerology which may offer insight, clarity and understanding to your life situations and circumstance.)

*One Hour session $125, Extend your session to an hour and a half $150 *Purchase up to 3 consultations as a package of $100 each that can be taken over a 12 month period. ( Same or different modality)



Psychic Numerology and Cardology

This Divination Consultation offers an insightful look at your  personal Numerology, and vine Divine Design. The day and  time and (place of birth), and your name are numeric keys to understanding the self, and how and why your life is playing out in many ways.

Combined with Oracle and Tarot Cards, situations can be clarified and relationships, and personal connections understood, and  potential and qualities as the person your are revealed.

ShirleySienna , works intuitively, and psychically and in communication from the higher realms with her unique and highly regarded numeric codes, and explains it to you in ways you can easliy recognise and understand, with relevance to  the past, present and future possiblities of your life.


One Hour session $125, Extend your session to an hour and a half $150 or Purchase up to 3 consultations as a package of $100 each that can be taken over a 12 month period. ( Same or different modality)



Psychic Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Card Reading

ShirleySienna 'reads the cards', with psychic connection, and highly developed intutive skills, using a variety of cards, from playing suites, to oracle and tarot The readings are accurate, informative and synchronisitc and are ensured to be interactive and practically based, to give you the best options and understanding possible in a reading of this kind.

(This session is also able to include your numerology if you wish to look at that as well.)


One Hour session $125, Extend your session to an hour and a half $150 or Purchase up to 3  consultations as a package of $100 each that can be taken over a 12 month period. ( Same or different modality)





EarthSpirit Wisdom Keeper Sessions

This consultation offers a personal guided meditation experience, connecting possibly with past life influences,  and higher guideance from spirit, guides, teachers and interdimensional realm beings.

Sitting within the grid and aura of the Crystal Skulls, you will journey via the Lyrebird Medicine dreaming and given time to ask questions, discuss and look further along your personal path of spiritual unfoldment and understanding.

ShirleySienna, has a wealth of information gleaned over many years of expereince and has a high level of understanding and ability in connecting with frequency not usually met and has understanding of modalities that explain and influence us body mind and soul. 

This series of consultations can be purchased as a package in order to make the most of the intital consultation and follow on by enhancing your journey as a wisdom keeper and strengthening your bond with spirit and instilling integrity and understanding into your path.

It is recommended to bring notebook and pen to the first and following sessions, and keep a record of your experience. 

One Hour session $125, Extend your session to an hour and a half $150 or Purchase up to 3 consultations as a package of $100 each that can be taken over a 12 month period. ( Same or different modality)









A Childs Garden of Soul

Intuitively written information of the gifts and qualities, of your child, as indicated by their birth numbers, oracle and intuitive spirit .......................................$100

for each following child in a family reading $50

This is not a futuristic prediction, nor is is set in stone. But it is an indication of what may be possible in your childs developent and life path as given by the guides an loved ones in spirit.

Readings Consult's and Sessions


"Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine,) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic standardized process or ritual. 

Used in various forms throughout history, diviners ascertain their interpretations of how a querent should proceed by reading signs, events, or omens, or through alleged contact with a supernatural agency. "

'Divining Me' is a site of body , mind and spirit ,  that pertains to Mediumship, and Spiritual Connections,  Numerology and Intuitive messages from spirit, to come together , inspired from the spirit world 'DIVINE SYMMETRY'.  In order for us to understand how the energy of each day of our life is aligned

Its time to move forward, changing and shifting thought and energy and therefore restructuring your reality, and moving into a state of being which is about realising your desires and regaining your personal the life you deserve ... which is there already awaiting you to shift into the state of the I AM
All is do not have to create what you desire..your desires are already created.
A DIVINE SOULSYMMETRY SERIES OF SESSIONS with ShirleySienna , can assist you in releasing yourself from low energy vibrations of disappointment, fear, and lack, and help you rediscover the power that lies within.

Discovering how to use intention and divine guidance, under the power of Grace and allowing you to realign your state of being with Your  Divine Design .

A session with ShirleySienna is more than just a 'reading'.  It is time spent in discovering your blueprint and understanding how and why things may be happening in your life, therofre bringing Clarity, Insight, Understanding and Confidence to your personal life journey.

Looking at past , present and possible future outcome, but focusing on the now, and rebuilding and reassesing situations, may give you a feeling of self empowerment and ease to any situations in your life.

Putting it all together as  DIVINE SYMMETRY readings for the body mind and soul, in order to assist you to  bring about harmony and balance, insight, foresight , and abiltity to walk your talk, to realise your potential and purpose and to Love and Appreciate Yourself, because of Who You Are.

Why Divining ME ?

Simply because  life is about  divining the self, from birth till death 

It is realising the divine nature of the self.

It is the journey of 'self divination' and the realisation that it continues beyond the death state.

We take our experiences and new understandings with us...spiritual growth.


Kind regards and Thankyou