Divine Symmetry of ShirleySienna

Born into a family already conscious and understanding of the spiritual philosophy, opened the way to ShirleySienna discovering her own gifts of spirit early on in life.

As a primary school aged child she was already enraptured with her grandmothers books of physical mediumship ( where the configuration and materialisation of spirit is produced by the sitting ‘physical medium’) and the fact that the soul carried on life after death, was not a mystery but a knowing , and the vision and visitors from the spirit world ShirleySienna experienced, were a part of  the development of her intuitive and psychic abilities

This was all a part of the foundation for her eventual professional ability as a psychic medium.

Discovering the power of meditation and healing , crystals and many other spiritual and shamanic wisdoms along the way, has led ShirleySienna, along a journey from early childhood, an assisted her in understanding and being closely aligned with the spirit world, dimensions and realities that exist beyond our usual human perception.

Described by a well known English medium as a ‘soul medium’, and encouraged by another well known figure, to follow the dream and stand for spirit have been confirmations of the passion and focus that has made spiritual unfoldment, and sharing , her life, not just her work.

ShirleySienna has, been invited to speak, present  and actively participate in in gatherings and events around the world, and has many clients, friends and soul family connections  from countries all over the planet.

In May, 2010 venturing outside of Australia for the first time,  to Colorado in the USA she was part of the gathering, of crystal skull caretakers,  and also at that time presented readings in Los Angeles,  California,  and this has led to her having many friends, clients and contacts in that part of the world.

Later that year, ShirleySienna was invited to speak and present a workshop in Phoenix Arizona, at the 10/10/10 world mystery conference, which was part of a series of conferences, held by Cece Stevens, and was focused on preparation for 2012 and the Crystal Skulls and the great shift planet earth and its population is now experiencing, and she was introduced to the  mayan prophecies and codices, which were to become a key part of her life now.

In May 2012 ShirleySienna was invited to once again present at a crystal skull conference, this was the Mongolian world crystal skull conference in Glastonbury, with amazing and interesting folk from all over Europe and the Usa.

In 2013 ShirleySienna  took  part  in the Galactic Archetype retreat  held by Stephanie South (Red Queen)  in Mt Shasta Usa.

Having been involved with the law of time officially since meeting Stephanie in Byron Bay in 2012, this part of her journey, has brought change and huge unfoldment, which has allowed her to teach the dreamspell and share this amazing ideology and history of galactic and human consciousness .

The work  and teachings of jose Arguelles which spans over 50 years of his dedication and journey of discovery.

ShirleySienna herself has led retreats and gatherings, over Australia, teaching in Melbourne, and the outer regions, and interstate, and is a well known and respected psychic medium,  and worker for spirit.

She enjoys travelling, and writing and her Divine Time column can be read each month in Supernal Australia Magazine. 

ShirleySiennas services come together under what spirit describes to her as DIVINE SYMMETRY.

Spirit Mediumship

Soul Inspired Readings

Divine Numerology

Oracle and Tarot Card readings.

Dreamspell ( sacred calender of the human and law of time)

Human Design and the sacred symmetry of the human being.

Crystal skull gatherings, and interaction

Private and Public  presentations of many ideas, philosophies and wisdom teachings,  and demonstrations of mediumship and all of the above.