We will be Creating the enegy equation of T(E) = Art on July 25 , The Day out of Time.
This is done by HUmans gathering, for we are a Unique Design of Divine Art and Creation.
Dr Jose Arguelles, ( Valum Votan) created the calender of the Law of Time, known as the Dreamspell in order to assist All People to find their place purpose and potential in this lifetime.

A professor , author, Artist and Visionary of Galactic Interdimensional Proportions, and Channel for the download... of Cosmic History and Information, we come together celebrate and CoCreate now , in this new time of UNfolding COsmic History.

The STellar gatways are opening, allowing us to be a Harmonic Convergence of Love Evolving in 2016, Year of the Planetary Wizard kin 114, and the Day out of Time is like New Years Eve, because it is the exit from the old year, and the entry into the New..

July 26 is a Brand New Cycle of a 365 Solar Year Count.
The kin year bearer will be Spectral Storm.
We will have healing, Water Ceremony, and sharing of Information on this day, a Crystal Skull Activation Grid and Divine Sound and Vibration .
It doesnt matter what time you arrive, it is a gathering. We shall hvae an opening and closing and a major meditation half way through the event, but regardless there will be presentation , sharing and meditations, healings, etc all through.

So if you can only come for a couple of hours, please make the effort. IF you can come for the whole event, please make this a priority for this day.

It is unfolding and evolving , and you will not have experienced Anything like this before.


Payment is avaialbe by paypal please send money $35 per person to our paypal account : info@soulsymmetryinternational.com.au

For Direct Deposit Details and/or Credit Card Payment, please contact us by by email to info@soulsymmetryinternational.com.au or call Anthony Kilner 0407181701 (or ShirleySienna 0403484892 )


Please Note * There is a Minimum number of people (50) we need to have attending for this event to go ahead as planned, as we have booked the Karralyka Maroondah ,
Please show us support by taking A DAY ( or some hours( OUT OF TIME, and also share with your friends, and any groups you may be in.
Tickets must be booked prior to the event as we are required to keep track of numbers attending.

Thanking you for your support
ShirleySienna and Anthony / Soul Symmetry International

Soul Symmetry International

ShirleySienna of Divining Me and Anthony Kilner of Bridging Realms, have combined spiritual rescources and created, 'SOUL SYMMETRY INTERNATIONAL'.

This is such an exciting venture for us , combining a friendship and work ethics, like minds and also different and individually unique qualities, and a great yin yang masculine feminine into a spiritually based business.

We both have years of experience, and share a love of sound, vibration, healing, mediumship, and higher psychic and trance/channeling gifts, so taking it further, it becomes quite a Quantum Leap of Consciousness .. perhpas, yet beyond our imagination and conscious ideals, . a serendipitious flower of life, a merging of cellular wisdom and a symbiosis of souls.

Ill share here, what we are offerring, and if you click onto the Time is Art page here on my site, you will see the first venture we dared, to tread was organising an Australian Premiere Film night, with a full house of over 300 people attending.


ShirleySienna and Anthony are avaialbe for privae and public events, as Soul Symmetry International.. please email to info@soulsymmetryinternational.com.au