30. Aug, 2018

New Beginnings

Todays kin of Yellow Solar Seed is a good day  to begin regulaly blogging, as we enter a time and  tone to seed this magical garden of karmic replaying Eden on a positive 'note', and please 'note',  that 'note and tone ' are annagaram of each other ... And the garden of Eden has become the Garden of Need and we are now in the dynamic of reversing this, maybe some 'dynamic lifter' is required!

As this is a blog, I will follow a pattern of colour and verse rather than regimenatalizing  myself into time conformity and structure, and just let flow and seed the page so a colourful bed of words will germinate and flourish, a botanical garden of literary frequency I will aspire to present .

We are travelling nicely into Virgo land.. My obvious favourite of the zodiac culinary delights of flavour, as I am Virgo (with a Gemini Moon ), I tend to say and do a lot of things at once and so consciously pacing myself is a discipline.

Noticing that "time perceptions" are shifting I align with this as I see in my personal daily life now time coming in rather than going out, or squeezing us into a limited conundrum of conformity and limitation, rush and confusion, as so often feels the norm.

Allow your energy to synchronise with todays vibe, and 'relish'  the opportunity to create a posy or a garland of herbacious variety of ancient words of wisdom that can grow and be used to garnish your plate according to taste, or plucked  randomly from tanglewood forest and trimmed to suit individual taste .

This whole seedy garden  vibe has entered into the streaming flow of my mind, and as Virgo is the Earth  Mother  incarnate I am receiving healomg and growth as I transcribe the vibes from the ethernet to you. 

Virgos and all other signs, at this time please be aware that within the forest  lay the wolf awaiting his pray, be no ignorant bunny or he'll gobble you up, be rabbit in full awareness now in order to spread over fertile ground your ability to survive florish and thrive.

To build community awareness and sustainability and a good constitution is now necessary and as constituents of Plan-Et Earth personal responsibility in this time of changing government is a must.

Verse for Yellow Solar Seed kin 204

(4th tribe, 9th tone)

I pulse in order to target
realising awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.

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