23. Feb, 2016


Today is special, it begings the 13 day wavespell of the White Magnetic Worldbridger... clickety click kin 66.

I Unify in order to Equalize
I Attract Opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED

For me it holds a special kin resonance, it is the combined kin of myself and my dear pal, kin 219.

we create the worldbridger, our friendship was inspired by the bridging of the worlds, by the death of another, who spread his eagle wings, and soared across the planes, the dimensions, into the kingdom of the great unknown..

so in hindsight, part of that journey, was to perhpas bring us both into a more refined alignment with our kinship of the worldbridger, .. allowing the great power of death , to enhance and see more in the short, muddled, amazing, and difficult gift of life.

This year, soon to come, in July we enter the kin of my said pal, 219 the year of spectral storm, so even greater in the momento in time, to I see the significance of our worldbridger kin, as a message , that i will study for the next 13 days.

There is no bad nor negagtive energy, it is simply the 'ions', of irony with which our personal perception directs itself.

The drawcard of the moment, depends on our momentum...  the magnetic ionised will atrract or repel ..

we should begin to trust , that natural occurance, for it is our resonance, personal vibration and aura, that creates the boundaries, that we continually in our state of ingorant bliss thinking we are striving, but instead , we are creating a false set of circus-stance, a balancing act, that we then give far to much time and energy to juggling..

the worldbridger, creates a paradigm of reality, that very sincerely shows a simple truth, if there is a naturally occuring bridge, than walk, it, if it is shaky and difficult , fraught with danger, .. read the sign that says, keep off.

if the bridge is for you to cross, then it has a welcome sign, walk talk and resonate ..

the resonation is the key, the key is to resonante

we are continually encouraged, pushed and made to feel guility of we dont cross bridges, that push our limits,

perhpas its time to realise their is no limitation, but merely a perception of comfort and discomfort

struggle is not necessarily heroic

and is not as necessary as we percieve

and perhpas what we percieve as struggle is not

simply it is entering a place, that does not have a bridge, for us to walk, that is not entirely our time place or business to step forth

what is struggle ?

i dont know

i have to think about it, becuase somehow i dont think its what i thought it was, but of course, thinking and thought dont have a lot to do with how we should live our lives.

thinking and thought , is what gets us into trouble, into the 'badlands' and walking across rickety bridges, that we have no business being on, trying to get to a side, that is not created nor actually drawing us with its magnetic code..

if im stepping in the right direction, which is actually being still and letting things evolve, giving me the illusion of movement ,  and purpetual time and change, then i must be in agreement with the magnetic force of the drawbridge of consciousness ..

more often than not , i am not.

dont cross that bridge until you come to it ?

perhpas it should be, dont cross that bridge until it comes to you..

to gain momentum is to be in the moment of the absolute

If i allow the OU of my sOUl to be my guide i am resonanting with my personal magnetic tone, and realise that all the things i think i have to get , do and find, will actually find me, be me, and are within me..

allow magnetic worldbridger kin, for this 13 days .. from today 23 feb 2016 ( a karmic 16/7 numeration) . be the key 7 to unlocking your personal paradigm of the here and now.

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