24. Feb, 2016


So, deciding a daily blog, or near daily is a good way to share in verstaility and style..

Drawing 3 cards, from the blue angel oracle deck, on behalf of the Virgo full moon, and upcoming pisces eclipse, I am sharing the vibes of this most auspicious time with all of you who wish to partake.

For my self, it seems, it is written and divined, that is this is a positive powerful and potentially life changing pivotal point in life, a pilgrims progress revealed, for many , if not all these solar lunar planetary alighments are affecting the planet and people as a whole, there is no other way, for we are one.

To be revealed to each individual in more or lesser ways depending on your own astro-logical- divination, and perception of universal consciousness is of course the relevant factor..

so . whomever however and maybe, I have drawn, with the only intention to be for msyef and the greater whole, 3 cards of divine nature.

card 1 whispering heart, choice.. we always have choice, even in the deepest of times where we feel so trapped, it seems impossible, or so tired, we can not lift our head, let alone stand and walk to the door, and yes, there is always choice.   This is becuase choice is within, it is a choice to think and percieve of every situation, whether elation or dilema be the feelings that immediatatly rise up within, us, there is situated within our psyche the choice to consciously make the effort to rise above the human reactor factor and make positive the feeling, positive the thought, and positive the action ..

which leads us into the 2nd card,.wings of light, postiive news..

jut beyond the rainbow of doubt is the  sea of truth and positive vibes, good news, just depends on how you want to see it, sot the trilogy of doubt fear and depression, can dissapate in the positivity of the wings of light card, .. alter your perceptions , its choice..

card three is luna rossa.. so perfect for this full moon effect..emotional healing.. also today is kin 67 blue lunar hand, so.. it is a lunar challlenge today to look on the bright side, and envision the vision of radiant light.. and to allow the energy of the moon, great mother of healing and wisom to cleanse clear and release from us all outgrown, outworn, and un neccesary grievances , griefs and gripes..

gripe water ? , perhpas we all need a teaspoon of that, ..  take a glass of water, to your lips, and as you drink , bless the water , and allow it to stream down your throat, with love , upliftment and healing.. water is the key to life, and water is life, the waters of life are inside of you, your cells are watery cells of intuitive potential, .. let them come alive, .. revive your soul, revive your physcial , mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self, with the universal healing quality of water, .. ask mother moon for a full blessing and .. know that all is well in your world, that all experience is in reality a non reality, for the greatest of illusion of all is life...

blessings , all the above is intuitively read from the cards, by shirleysienna.

if you would like a personal reading please contact me on diviningme@yahoo.com.au or 04034848921 ( melbourne).

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