27. Feb, 2016

Sat-her-day 27/9/2016 kin 70 White Overtone Dog

Today, the calender tells us its Saturday, the 27th of Februrary in the year, 2016.

Great, I'm sure you have things to do, people to see, and the date gives you order, and time.

It also owns your time, and therfore you'r mind.

My calender, the calender of the inspiration, tells me that yes, it is 27 Feb , 2016 but I see number, the magnificent codex of divination , purpose, potential and perception.

perhpas its not the thre R's we should worry about but the three P's..

27 /2/2016 .. 9/2/9.. 11:11   that is what I see in today 's date code.

I also see, that today is kin 70, White Overtone Dog.

I Empower in order to Love
Commanding Loyalty
I seal the Process of Heart
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I am guided by the power of Endlessness

That verse, of Overtone Dog, the kin of 70 .. tells me today , is truly about empowering the self.. in order tolove and work from our heart , and allow the essence of our true radiance to shine, eternally from the great consciuosness that enraptures us all.

Todays date, is totally aligned with that message, 27 as 9, in the month of Feb which is 2 in the year 2016 as a 9.. therefore today is driven and and based upon .. totally illumination .

11:11 is the power of love n illumined vibration,  and becomes the goddess heart 22.

Numeric intonation and the sacred Tzolkin of the Dreamspell, always align, we just have to know how to 'see', past the two dimensional grid of the gregorian time factor, which is simple a code of illusion place to own your perception oftime and your mind.

Time is not of this dimension, so you cannot possibly be living within its frame of actuality, you are imprisoned, simply and perhpas, to many most satisfactoraly within the grasp of Industry.

So many people refer to the professionally spiritually inclined, as  'Industry', and it would seem to all intent and purposes , it is ..

But in truth it is not and cannot be.

Industry does not exist within the realms of spirit

Spirit is free of the illusion of man 

Spirit is free

If you are within industry you are not free, you are imprisoned within the greater illusion.

You cannot be working with spirit, and call it an industry.

Its not about the money or the taxes , it is about the mindset.

Spirit cannot work with you in industry, spirit is not of illusiory  time, spirit is not of 3 dimensional existence, spirit exists beyond .. a leap beyond the faith, beyond the mind, beyond the IN..DUST..RY..

When the human, dies, the physical becomes once again the dust it was created from.. dust to dust.. when it lives, it is in- dust(ry)..

Industry is not about the SPIRIT.

Exchange money as an energy, a source of income in order to nourish the needs of the physical, and share and give back.. that is of the greater HUman Nature and Nurture, but it is not of the SPIRIT.

The soul aknowledges, the needs of its physical vehicle, to ignore and deny would be pointless and illusiory in itself.

The soul incarnate, wishes  to partake in the full dimension of this 3d expereince, the SPIRIT IS THE DETACHED LOVING AND UNCONDITIONAL OBSERVER.

The soul is the link , therefore it experiences all... it is the ARCANA MUNDI.. and it is within your psyche , aura and experiences the life from birth until death,  but it is not of it , it is of SPIRIT, so the only , part of you that can possibly be of IN -DUST -ry, is your brain that it patterned and trained ..

The soul, however enjoys, the expereience, for that is the purpose of incarnation on Earth, to experience the physical, highs lows and inbetweens, pain grief joy and wonder.

There are a lot of rules here on Earth, they all seem to be made by man, spoken by man, and if  you break them, you are punished by man.

Your soul says, .. go for it, do it all, and thrives on the expereinces you engage in, even if the physcial self 'dies trying'.

Your spirit just watches , observing from all angles.

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