1. Mar, 2016

leap of time .. time to leap

This day is 00 hunab ku, .. 29 of Feb every 4 years, is a make up day to account for out of order time.. .. if we look at the gregorian date numerically.. the codes is clear..

29/2/2016 .. 29 is 11 feb is 2 and 2016 is 9.. lets take another look..

we can text it in as 11 : 11 if we play around, as as today is simply , in dreamspell terms, perhpas a door way or portal from kin 71 rhythmic monkey, into kin 72 resonant human .. lets look at the combined kin . of 143 : Blue Cosmic NightI

Endure in order to Dream
I Transcend Intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment..

giving us in this galactic spin, an extra moment of illumination .

Dont be trapped in time, my guides say, .. do I listen ? do I hear ? do I understand ?

To the best of my current human ability yes, but not all the time, for when trapped in time, that is when I cannot hear, and do not understand until the moment of silence when I return, for as we all know, silence is golden, the truth is within.

Compared to many, most around me, I have ventured out of the warp of time, and onto the path of possiblity and perception, a struggle indeed, and in deed , a  struggle..fraught with danger and difficulty , and some may say 'dissidence' and frown, or worse, but it's impossible to discover whats' possible if you are timed to a schedule and scheduled to time, that is not true, not real, not yours , not mine.

For me the days, are numeric, they  hold  divine code,  thats hidden inside the Gregorian node.

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