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Watch out for upcoming events and workshops for 2019.

Ive set up Galactic Headquarters now in Crib Point, in the beautiful and unique Westernport Bay area and now have my Home Shoppe with oracle cards, salt lamps, hand made local cards and crystal bracelets, and Crystal Skulls and aroma candles and aura spray ready for purchase.

Private reading consultations are by appointment, and Monday evening and Friday morning spiritual meditation and development groups will run untill school term end and begin again school term 2019.

There is a blog, and different bits and pieces that may take your interest and inspire you, learn a little about crystal skulls, and please remember I gather and create.. public events, and presentations on many aspects of spirituality and personal unfoldment.

If you would like to book a reading or Divine Symmetry session,  just check out the costs and services page.

Interstate and overseas clients, please rememember live internet sessions are available.

Please email me at if you wish to recieve my news and info letters by email.




Upcoming Retreats

Treat Yourself!

Enjoy the beauty and charm of Bali.

Step into a space of peace and inner fulfilment.

Feel the guidance of your spirits.

A rich experience for mind, body and soul!

A full itinerary which includes spiritual exploration and development, great food experiences, seeing the sights and plenty of time for shopping.  Unbeatable value for money!


Enquire about our limited special deals available for groups of 3 or more. 

Retreat Itinerary and details link - Divining Me Retreats



In Love and Light