February Supernatural Encounter

šFebruary Supernatural Encounterš

An evening of amazing entertainment and intriguing performances!

When:  Saturday 23rd February         

Where:  Crib Point Community House, Park Rd.  Crib Point

Cost:  $50.00                   

Tickets:  Direct deposit or card     Phone:  0417 322 688       



A psychic medium, communicating with the Spirit World to deliver messages of love and to reunite loved ones.

Jason D. Varga

Hypnotist, Wizard, Exorcist, Mentalist, Magician and Extra Sensory Perceptionist.


ShirleySienna is a professional medium, with highly accurate and intuitive psychic abilities, who can help people connect with spirit. 

Healing Music:

Crystal bowl and healing drums by Hollie Williamson of Four Feathers Healing.

And More….:

Crystals, new age products and locally handcrafts on sale.

Door Prizes         Supper provided

for full details please go to Events

EMAIL  for enquiries diviningme@yahoo.com.au 


Weekly Inpsiration

ShirleySienna at Divining Me will be posting up on a weekly basis a little inspired perception and drawing a synchronised card from the Illumined Tarot.

12th February to 18th February 2019

Kin 110 White Rhythmic Dog to Kin 116 Yellow Crystal Warrior

Card is 6 Clubs: The Tower, A Revelation or Drastic Shift in Perspective.

What I say, think, feel, sense and write is all part of the messages coming into me, and from me and all around me.  Same for you.

We are travelling the wavespell of the serpent, shedding the skin, parts of you and your life that are no longer valid, and seeing situations from a different and hopefully higher perspective.




Welcome to the Divining Me Website of ShirleySienna.com

Watch out for upcoming events and workshops for 2019.

Ive set up Galactic Headquarters now in Crib Point, in the beautiful and unique Westernport Bay area and now have my Home Shoppe with oracle cards, salt lamps, hand made local cards and crystal bracelets, and Crystal Skulls and aroma candles and aura spray ready for purchase.

Private reading consultations are by appointment, and Monday evening and Friday morning spiritual meditation and development groups will run untill school term end and begin again school term 2019.

There is a blog, and different bits and pieces that may take your interest and inspire you, learn a little about crystal skulls, and please remember I gather and create.. public events, and presentations on many aspects of spirituality and personal unfoldment.

If you would like to book a reading or Divine Symmetry session,  just check out the costs and services page.

Interstate and overseas clients, please rememember live internet sessions are available.

Please email me at diviningme@yahoo.com.au if you wish to recieve my news and info letters by email. 


Keanu's Inspirations

Keanu is My Greyhound. My Guru and My Friend.

He is inspiring me, assisting me in changing my lifestyle and habits and bringing out some love that needed to be addressed and acknowledged, just as all animals on this earth are capable of doing. That is their gift to human kind. Being themselves, which is the reflection in which they were created. 

Creatures and Creation, sort of goes together doesnt it ?

For Keanu's full inspiration please click on link http:http://www.shirleysienna.com/158902898



ShirleySienna at Divining Me offers workshops in your home.

This is great for people whom work or are unavailable for the times I usually run workshops and classes, and means you can gather your own gang together and a have the choice of a half day, full day or weekend workshop.

To see full details go to http://www.shirleysienna.com/158902907


Westernport Wellbeing Network

Hosted by ShirleySienna at Divining Me
Are you working in Wellbeing in the Westernport area
– between Baxter and Flinders?
 Join us for a networking evening.

When: Our next Networking evening will be advertised asap a date is confirmed. 

For Further Details go to Events 




Upcoming Retreats

At this time the March retreat is cancelled and September dates are being organised . There is already interest and tentative placings for this retreat, so if you have an interest in attending  please let us know as we are now organising the exact numbers .

Shirley and Marilyn


Retreat Itinerary and details link - Divining Me Retreats



In Love and Light