LOADS OF NEW ORACLE AND TAROT CARDS IN STOCK AND ALSO THE 'CRYSTAL SKULL MESSAGE CARD BOOKS'.... (ShirleySienna at Divining Me is a Preferred Supplier for these and I will post them out around Australia.) 

I plan to focus on keeping in Little Shoppe Stock, Plenty of Card Deck,  the Crystal Skull Collective and Counterpart Crystals. Less is more.

I will also focus on Private and Public Consultations, Events and Retreats.


 I have been well known for a long time in the world of crsytal skull caretakers, here in Australia and Internationally, and shared much and many skulls and the Activation Wisdom that they embed within them.

2020 is The Year for Earth to be recognised fully, for her Garden of Eden to present itself with least plunder and I encourage the movement, selling and swapping of pre loved Crystal Skulls around the Globe and the purchase of artiste' inspired skulls before the process line of thousands which is based upon the making of money, with no care, and with no intuition, no insight and no Crystal KIngdom Activation.


There are many many producers, but less traditional and modern carvers whom handle the crystal and carve with the etheric and metaphysical mindset that Earth Commands... I am blessed to know some of them and support their work with admiration.

I sell new and pre loved skullies, and I have over the years brought many in from quality carvers and sellers.

HOwever, you can purchase skulls basically anywhere these days, and I love them all, and will purchase a skull that calls to me, regardless of where it comes from ..  however the Skulls that I move foreward to their new homes, have been cleanse, cleared, activated and sat with my family collective of Skulls.

2020 will also be the year EarthSpirit-Crystal Skull Wisdom Keepers returns to public access and events... stay tuned.

I also recomend Spirit of LIght as a Crystal Skull Connection. Angelika and Myself created this and have like minded connection and integrity toward the skull collective.





ShirleySienna's LIttle Shoppe

ShirleySienna now has a small retail outlet, 'ShirleySienna's Little Shoppe', in Crib Point.
Shop hours vary, depending on ShirleySienna’s other commitments, so it is a good idea to phone or text her before you come: 0403 484 892
Note: If the 'OPEN' sign is displayed in the window, you are most welcome to ring the doorbell and come in for a browse. 

 Little Shoppe is stocked with many beautiful things, including:

  • Oracle, Tarot and Affirmation cards
  •  Books
  • Crystals
  • Salt Lamps
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy Candles
  • Flower Crowns and Crystal Bracelets by Nay
  • Assorted New Age/Spiritual Products
  • Cards, bookmarks, notebooks, etc. by Mazzartist

Gift Vouchers are always available to purchase for products or private bookings or classes.

Great Gifts and Personal Shopping

Eftpos facilities available

ShirleySienna Little Shoppe Cnr Park Rd and Milne St, Crib Point ( Melbourne, Australia)

Gift Vouchers

There is a no refund policy so please ensure that the vouchers will be appreciated and used within a one year period.