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tuesday 13 aug 2013

Back from Mt Shasta and the Galactic Retreat held by Stephanie South, of foundation for the law of time... wonderful days, with amazing people.
Stepping in and discovering my higher self, my whole galactic self, that confirms , my essence and my 'purpose', showing me that we are all equal, we all have a place in the scheme of things, all part of a grid ..the tree of life, ..we are the branches that hold the leaves .. attatched to source., the trunk... connecting heaven and earth.

day out of time, celebrations in the park, and the synchronisation of galactic seed on mt Shasta kin 164, 26 july... entering the new cycle, of which we are creating as we live it.
raise your vibe, your higher mind is guiding you into a new way of being, discover the 13 moon calender.. bring harmony and creativity and purpose to your life, discover your self as a being of creative humanity.

Monday, November 11

The date above was not written by me, it appeared..spirit manifested it. Looking further into it over the weekend of 29/30 dec I went back thru my photos , and discoverd it was mon 11 nov, that i took the photo of my footprints in the sand at ciabata beach, Nsw, during the trip some of the girls and myself took to byron bay and surrounds.

this day, we stopped at the beach, on the way , to nimbim..that was out intended destination.

That day, was a very strange day, we did not get to nimbin, but we did majikally arrive at a huge statue of a wizard, out front of the crystal cottage, hidden in a little valley , by a place called eden...which was not on the map.

in fact we disappeared off the map, our vehicle dissapeared off the radar, immediately after an object appeared in front of the windscreeen, it hovered right in front of me, all we could call it was..' a drone'., we were rather confused, but kept driving, within a short amount of 'time', we reappeared on the radar, and found that we had travelled many more miles than seemed possible in the amount of 'time' spent driving , and were in a totally differnt direction to where we thought we were headed. ( as i type this it is I notice 11am)* 

We went with the syncronicity of it all, and spent a lovely half day at the crystal is where we were meant to be.

Im reminded of this day, too put lots of things into perspective.

in the photo of my footprints, which looks will see small dot like holes.

this same shape appears in the left hand corner of my personal galactic i am electirc blue hand..galactic portal and avatar.

That day, 11th NOV..11/11 was a day guided by electric blue hand in the dreamspell calender...which to me is total syncronicity.

we all have our own code, and you can find yours on the law of time site..the link is on links page.

The day 11/11/2012 is believed to be the day of the dawning of the age of aquarius, 40 days exactly before 21st dec 2012..."our whole mind is waiting to be unwrapped, then we will see a new reality, a new universe, a new haeaven and a new earth'..( law of time almanac.)..the day was a portal...i am a portal..we are always, shown what we need to see, and we just need to take notice of the signs.

shirleysienna 😘

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