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Crystal skulls come in many shapes , minerals, ad sizes. They are placed into categories of ancient, old, and contemporary (new).

This history of the skulls goes back through the ages, to indigenous tribes and nations around the globe, and perhaps back even to the times ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.

They have been used in ritual and ceremony by shamans for many reasons, such as healing, communication with the ancestors, and the star people, and as keepers of the wisdom and history of the peoples of earth.

The crystal skulls work together, downloading information and transmitting and receiving information via their crystaline cellular structure.

In skull form, the reprresent us..humans, and remind us of the power we have within, our own selves...communication, memory, mind power and thought, ESP, sight , sense and feeling. The skulls resonated with human form and are a symbol of LIFE , LIGHT AND ILLUMINATION.

They remind us that beneath our outer body of flesh , we are all the same..regardless of sex, creed, color or culture..that we are spiritual beings , having an earthly experience .

When you receive a crystal skull, whether purchased, or gifted, regardless of what it is made from, know that it works with intention to assist you in the raising of your personal vibration, toward the awakening  of the body mind and spirit in harmony and balance in order to reside in the New Age of Aquarius , which is now come upon us, since 21/12/2012..the age of the 5th Sun.

The skulls are also a tool or instrument for channeling information from spirit and light and star beings from other dimensions, and from the energy of Mother Earth-Gaia, herself. A

A storehouse of information and energy that you as a caretaker, can utilise and work with .

Attending gatherings with other caretakers, is beneficial as the skulls attending can integrate and share , download and process...all information experienced by them as a skull conglomerate. This is also downloaded to you the caretaker, which is process and integrated into your own cellular memory.

Grandmother of Peru.. MoonHawk

It is important if you have a crystal skull to understand much more wisdom



Based on the wonderful crystal skull message cards, by white elk woman (Sharon LYnn), and many of my peeps will have them on their shelf , I know you will now love to add the book .
I have been asked by Sharon to represent these , and outlet them here in Australia.

COST $40 each including postage or $30 if picked up directly

these are some of the last available 

Elongated Skulls.. Moonhawk

please take time to understand

Morning Light

His teachings will benefit all crystal devotee's

Moonhawks teachings

Passed to Spirit 2010 but still sharing and his wisdom and skulls remain with caretakers

MoonHawk.. Ancient Trees

Amber Grandmother.. Moonhawk Video

The Amber Grandmother, carved by Moonhawk ( G. Butler) now with Sacred Grandmother Flora de Mayo.

Timeless Mongolian and Himalyan Skulls

This video is to honour the sacred energy of the Timeless and Sacred Mongolian and Himalyan Crystal Skulls, that are living around the world with many different caretakers, including myslef.
They are as mysterious as they are full of healing and ancient wisdom.
Enjoy the calm , and peaceful blessing of the skulls as you watch this video.
Feel free to ask questions , perhpas I shall be able to shed some light :) as do the skulls .. are the jewel in the lotus..uniqe, divine , timeless and sacred.
All crystal skulls are here to remind us of this.

from the crystal skulls messages meditation book

from the crystal skulls messages meditation book

from the crystal skull message meditations book

from the crystal skull message meditations book

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