Time is Art ~ The Synch Movie

Recently I become involved with the inspirational and beautifully documented film, 'Time is Art' .. Synchronicity and the Collective Dream.

My business partner, Anthony Kilner, and Myself created Soul Symmetry International , in order to premiere this documentary film, the for first time in Australia, in Melbourne.

We are currently organising screenings, through cinemas in Melbourne, and across Australia, and Perth is screening in April ( contact is Mark Bentley for the Perth Screeening).

This film brings, up questions, and the incentive and questioning that requires us all to search, for meaning .

Answers are our own, they become clear, as we go deeper, into the collective consciousness, that begins, when we delve into our own psychce, and realise then, that .. is everyone else having similar experiences ?

Soul Symmetry International, will be presenting interactive seminars, and are also happy to provide private group screenings, again on an interactive and or workshop basis.

I will post here, the upcoming Australian screenings, as they become avaialable.

To find out more from the Time is Art website , please click on the link.

Filmakers TAC productions, based in New York, are the creative synchrnon-artiste's behind this venture, and thanks to Katy Walker and her team, for their support and consideration, in making it such a special and personal interaction for the Australian Public.

please contact shirleysienna in Melbourne at diviningme@yahoo.com.au or info@soulsymmetryinternational.com.au if you would like to book a screening here, or workshop thankyou.

click on the Tugg link to purchase your tickets and view more

and our facebook event Time is Art linked page.

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