23. Jul, 2016

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Dreamspell 13:20 Galactic Head Quarters Australia, provides a connection point and information space for people wanting to discover more about the Law of Natural Time, the 13:20 Tzolkin and the 28 day-13 Moon Calendar.

20 Seals and 13 Tones, 28 kin days and  13 moons, create the foundation for the Law of Time and offer every person whom takes the time to discover their kin  and code a new and interdimensional perspective on life.

To find you kin, by decoding your birth details is easy, and can be done manually, or by looking into or downloading  a suitable phone app,  or checking into www.lawoftime.org which holds  all the information you need to take a  galactic leap of consciousness and enter the Dreamspell .

ShirleySienna and Paula, hold close to their heart, the teachings and wisdom of Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) and Stephanie South (Red Queen) and continue to hold space here in Melbourne, in connection to the Law of Time Foundation and those around the world who strive for understanding  and peace .

Our intention is to assist in the  recognition and installation of a  natural time calendar of human consciousness , equality, and love into the daily order of Earth’s  continual  EVOLvement  into  the higher frequency of Galactic Codes and Telepathic Transmission, and  crew Timeship Earth as she takes her interdimensional Journey in this new cosmic cycle of history.

EMAIL dreamspell1320australia@gmail.com

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