Sunday 31st March 2019. 

Finally we have be released from the relentless cosmic and galactic mercury in pretzel mode 10 day portal run full moon equinox energy of duress.

That said, we can now unify in order to evolve, as today heralds in the Red Earth wavespell, walk the Earth ive been given for days, and today i see why.

My jungle queen daughter, who walks the Earth in Nicaragua ( Central America) is currently trying to rescue a horse. There is nothing new in this, however funds are required it is an urgent matter and I have created a fundraisher on facebook and posted and pleaded.

Will the veil shift and move and allow justified care, healing and goodwill to prevail?

all beings are sentient, all beings are entitled to love and care from somewhere, anywhere and everywhere.

Please go to my facebook fund at ShirleySienna Coventry and donate to get this in motion thankyou.

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